Need Help?

Need Help?

How can I pay CVSarkar?

CVSarkar accepts payments via the following methods:

Can I download CVs?

Based on your package, you are able to download CVs.

What if the candidate does not accept my connection request?

In case any candidate does not accept or respond to your connection request, you will get a full refund of the CV Credit.

Can I upgrade my existing package?

Yes absolutely. When you upgrade, your previous credit balance is brought across and added on top of the package you upgrade to.

Can I post an opportunity without disclosing my Company name?

Yes CVSarkar gives you the option to post an opportunity as "Confidential" where no candidate is able to identify who the actual employer is. This option also suits agencies who are posting opportunities on behalf of their clients.

Can CVSarkar assist with the interview process?

CVSarkar is happy to assist its clients with the end to end hiring process. For extra value added services, please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

How Boost Works?

  • Start by posting an opportunity using our industry standard templates making the task simple and easy.
  • Give your campaign a suitable name for e.g. "D.H.A BRANCH MANAGER HIRE CAMPAIGN 2019".
  • Narrow down to your target candidates using 15 Advanced Filters.
  • Evaluate the filtered "proposed" target candidates list, write your custom SMS message and send away your new opportunity notification to thousands of candidates.