How to get your first Job?

How to Get Your First Job?


Getting that very first professional job can be very daunting and yet every young student’s most cherished dream. Typically in the final year of a graduate program, most students are bogged down with their academic projects and assignments, and consequently they underestimate the need to prepare themselves for their very first job application.

Research indicates that finding a job is a full-time job itself; hence it is important to firstly select the right job suitable at your experience level and then allocate reasonable time and effort on your application.

CVSarkar interviewed those candidates who did reasonably well when finding their first job. Based on the feedback collected, below is a summary of some important points to consider when applying for the first job.


1. Build a Resume’ Specific to the Role:


The journey for job hunting begins with a Resume or CV. For a fresh candidate often this is a challenge because they probably do not have any previous work experience relevant to the opportunity they wish to apply for. Ideally, candidates in their final year should acquire practical work experience through university programs which involve industry exposure prior to graduation. This is ideal situation and helps heaps to secure their first job as compared to those who have zero experience. Finally, one resume for all jobs never works. Therefore spend due time updating the resume and highlight your strengths relevant to the role. A good resume’ includes complete detail of your academic background, your interests, hobbies, prior work experience (if any) and your extra-curricular activities.


2. Online Recruitment Websites:


There are many online platforms available for applying on a job. Find the area of your expertise and to apply for the relevant ones. Upload your resume’ on such sites and you will find the job of your interests.


3. Be Consistent:


Be yourself and have self-confidence which is a key to success in getting a good and reasonable job. Consistency is good if you take it positively and make your efforts in the right direction towards your aim.


4. Use of Referrals:


Ask your friends and family to refer you if there is any vacancy of your interests and abilities. Referrals play a very crucial role in getting employed. Ideally a professional reference is more valuable as compared to personal reference.


5. Reading Newspaper:


Newspapers give much information for jobs especially printed on Sunday’s. Some websites like upload their content from Jung and other newspapers. Try to read the newspaper daily to get enrolled.