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Well, if you have come to our blog you already have a good idea what you are looking for. Yup, we’ll be discussing the Digital Skills in High Demand. Let’s cut the chase and start from the questions that are bothering you. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a professional who is looking to switch careers, these questions could be the same. If you are looking for Digital Marketing Jobs in Pakistan, You might be wondering:

  • What skills should you acquire to get a job that won’t become redundant?
  • Which skills should you concentrate on to future-proof your job?
  • What skills you need to learn so you can work from anywhere and earn a living?
  • More importantly, what is the Digital Skills in High Demand that you can learn to secure your future?

These are the exact question that we are answering in this article.

What Do You Need to Learn?

First of all, the skills that are most in demand are heavily tech focused. If not, at the very least, these are digital in nature. Hope that’s not surprising for you, it’s a digital world after all. Companies across industries are digitizing their processes and operations. Organizations are going beyond this now, they are using artificial intelligence to streamline supply chains and workflows. Hence, “Job Seekers” must acquire specialized skills to help them stand out from the crowd. Even if you are connected with a creative job, it is likely to be interlinked with the digital space. For example, content writing, digital marketing, designing, etc.

Unfortunately, educational institutes are not providing digital skills to their graduates. Although some have expanded or modified their curriculum to meet this growing demand it is not enough. Graduates are struggling to ‘Get Ideal Jobs in Karachi’ as they lack essential digital skills students. That’s why we are exploring the digital skills that candidates should learn and add in their portfolio to meet industry needs.

Top 5 Digital Skills in High Demand

In this article, we have discussed those IT and tech skills that are in high demand. These will help you understand where you should invest your time and energy. Learning these, one or two, skills will set you up for the high paid jobs. Moreover, you can find best Digital Marketing Jobs at CV Sarkar.

1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing goes beyond updating Facebook status or a Tweet. It’s all about understanding the dynamic relationship between consumers, influencers, and brands. Therefore, the ability to understand social media and then utilizing it effectively is an essential skill. This is a skill that every professional should have. Companies which are providing service online admire a candidate who is familiar with social media. Simply put, such businesses want to reach out to customers in various ways. This way companies get traffic to their website or can sell their products to potential buyers.

Social media has greatly penetrated into the fabric of our society. It has become the primary source of information flow and communication. Also, it is the biggest medium to link consumers and content creators. Job seekers who know how social media is influencing the community must know the particulars of each platform. How Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, etc. work. You should learn the potential influence of each platform in order to maximize community engagement. This way you will have the skills to help any company enhance its digital footprints. Who doesn’t like to have an employee that can bring extra customers?

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing or SEM is the most persuasive tactic after Social Media Marketing. It is the most beneficial disciplines that marketers rely on to expand businesses. Here is a statistic number for you to put things in perspective. For 77% of that traffic, each day more than 6.5 billion SEM results are carried out with Google accounting. That’s how influencing search engine marketing has become. Any candidate who is good at SEM can capture traffic and customers for his company. After all, 6.5 billion search results represent gigantic traffic. This is why SEM is one of the top Digital Skills in High Demand.

Companies that are in services or products selling business require candidates with SEM skills. It is imperative for them that their products are easily found online and above their competition. Webmasters, Content Managers, and marketers spend a great deal of time to optimize companies’ websites. Search Engine Marketing campaigns are run to ensure the highest conversion rates. So, graduates need to have a working knowledge of SEM to understand the bigger context of their jobs. Employees with better knowledge of SEM can increase a company’s visibility on search engines. They can put the company’s website on the first page and searches through paid advertising. In return, the website will get valuable web traffic and you can get a bonus after a successful campaign.

3. Content Marketing

You might be thinking by now what can be more important than marketing (SMM or SEM). Well, there it is, Content Marketing; the soul of any business. Marketers run advertising campaigns and optimize keywords but all revolve around your content. So when in 1996 Bill Gates said that “Content is King”, he was absolutely right. Content is still King, after all, social media pages and websites are driven by their content. Customers could not know the benefits of your services or products without the content.

There are many forms of content such as infographics, podcasts, videos, and blog posts. Even your social media status needs content for daily updates. According to HubSpot, 53% of marketers agreed that their ‘Top Inbound Marketing Priority’ is blog content creation. Most of the entrepreneurs and leaders believe that content can establish brands and influence customers. It is crucial in driving brand awareness among the public. Therefore, graduates must understand the importance of great content. You should know how to create content that is relevant to the company’s products. Writing content with keyword research and optimizing them in a strategy is the key.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a professional, you must have heard about Search engine optimization (SEO). It’s been around for a while and is now considered a basic skill for employees. You don’t have to

Know the technical aspects, but a good understanding has become a pre-requisite. SEO is a constantly shifting field and one has to keep his or her knowledge up to date. However, this is a skill which is transferable throughout industries and highly in demand. To master SEO, one must have a good grip over the content and digital marketing as these are interlinked with each other.

Content makes a blog or website unique, however, it is the SEO that brings your company on Google’s first page. According to Backlinko, an SEO linked building strategic site, on a Google search a word count of 1,890 is required. Only then a site can appear on a first-page result but not without optimization. It’s the SEO that makes it possible for your company to appear on a google search. That’s why companies are looking for candidates highly skilled in SEO practices. This is the way how they can keep their websites in the top-ranked results.

Though top notch SEO skills are difficult to attain and adapt. However, it is easy if you work with an excellent content writing team and can manage to stay up to date on each algorithm change. With a basic knowledge of SEO, you can be an irreplaceable part of an organization. You can find lots of SEO Jobs in Lahore at CV Sarkar.

5. Analytics and Data skills

In digital marketing, terms like “analytics” and “data” often come up. Basic knowledge of data analytics is essential for students. It allows them to make educated decisions in their roles that are data driven. Numbers give an idea of whether a campaign was fruitful or not and by what percentage. That is why companies are now focusing on analytics and data skills. The key to analytics is knowing what data companies have to collect and measure. This greatly helps in order to improve and expand the next campaign. They don’t want to rely on trends. Of course, nobody wants to waste his money based on some gut instincts.

Data Analytics is all about maximizing the effectiveness of a campaign. It involves optimizing the return on investment (ROI). Typically analytics go hand in hand with Search Engine Marketing. To understand better what consumers want, these two (SEO & SEM) work together. Companies can know how to attract and retain their consumers and visitors. They can optimize their online sales funnels and create streamlined processes. This is possible when they have an employee who can access customer data throughout their buying journey. And only digital marketers are able to harness this information. That’s why we put data analytics among Top 5 Digital Skills in High Demand.

Digital marketing can’t work without consumer data and analytics. Analytic experts are required to test the effectiveness of a social media campaign and optimize sales funnel. They help companies find oversights and create future-forward solutions to keep their revenue growth. This is a transferable skill that modern organization cannot survive without.

So, for you, the only question remains is which skill or set of skills you want to learn. It is never too late to learn a new skill and you should acquire Digital Skills in High Demand. To have a better understanding, read our article on Implications of Technological Advancements on Careers.


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