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Top 10 Qualities of Highly Productive Employees

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Companies love to have productive employees working for them. When hiring the staff they look for the people who possess Qualities of Highly Productive Employees. Need you to ask? Nowadays, it doesn't matter what the applicants know as information can always be taught. Organizations heavily weigh personality and productivity while deciding on an appropriate candidate for Jobs in Pakistan. Now you might be wondering about these qualities. That’s why we have made a list of Top 10 Qualities of Highly Productive Employees. But first, you must know what productivity means to organizations?

Well, productivity is all about working in a smart way. You don’t have to be a workhorse, keep yourself busy all day long, or work late at night. It also doesn’t ask you to chase elusive goals. Productivity is about planning, priorities, and wisely managing your time. Productive Employees are like an asset. They are considered three times more valuable than an average employee. That’s why they get a promotion or a raise before anyone else. On the contrary, productive employees benefit a company by increased turnover and job satisfaction.

It is somewhat difficult to identify these qualities, as they vary in nature according to the job role. However, you can forecast an employees’ success in the workplace after discovering these qualities. These are the habits and skills that can be acquired with effort and hard. Here is a list of Top 10 Qualities of Highly Productive Employees that you must adapt to achieve a remarkable career.

1. Leadership Skills

Is there a member of your company who is capable of leading future employees? If you have one he must be a significant part of your company. This is because leadership is the first and foremost quality of a productive employee. People who show leadership skills are generally the ones that an organization want to hire for the long term. Leadership is a combination of relative traits with a will and potential to move up the corporate ladder. A good leader can lead teams, fill future management positions, and boost workplace productivity. Most importantly he can train new team members.

Although it is believed that leadership is an inborn skill, however, it can be learned with time. The learning process begins with self-confidence. Then it is molded by positive reinforcement and repetitive success.

2. Excellent Communication Skills

Want to stand out from your colleagues? Learn how to communicate by writing and verbally. Excellent communication skills are a key quality of every successful employee. This is a trait that a hiring manager or recruiter wants to see in your resume. They don’t need a get things done kind of employee. The one who always keeps his head down and is busy with the work and lack communication skills. Companies look for this trait whether you’re being hired on a creative position, filling a customer service role, management position, or a sales role. Why, is it so? It’s because communication is the quality that can make or break the face of a brand.

Inaccurate or Inappropriate communication between employees can cause many issues within the company. Furthermore, relationship with clients may suffer as well. This is the reason why employers are happy to hire workers who can communicate in a lucid manner.

3. Active listening

Active listening is necessary for any job, no matter which position you hold. A bad listener can easily be distinguished from others based on his habits. Such a person keeps interrupting when others are talking and doesn’t make eye contact while listening to other people. Organizations don’t want to hire employees who are bad listeners as they can compromise the company’s position. The reason behind this is that if someone doesn’t listen well, he might not understand fully. How he can know about the tool he was just trained on or the full objectives for a project? In short, it'll be hard for him to understand what he’s being asked to do.

This quality can be attained by practicing active listening. However, it takes time as listening involves paying close attention to what the other person is saying. Rephrasing what other person is saying and asking clarifying questions can help you understand better.

4. Autonomous Approach

Productive employees are always autonomous in approach. It means that they can get the job done on their own without extensive hand-holding. This way employer or manager knows that you can take care of tasks at your own. Companies like this quality because they want execution, not additional questions. Managers have multiple tasks to look after and they don’t want to be interrupted by an employee who doesn’t know how to do his job. Such a candidate is considered a liability in the company. On the contrary, autonomous employees are capable of managing their time. They get monster tasks done productively and quickly.

5. Intelligence

Intelligence is not the only thing, but it's among Top 10 Qualities of Highly Productive Employees. It is a strong foundation for success. Aspirants who are sharp can improve your company’s reputation. They can easily connect with other members both emotionally and socially. Especially, the emotional intelligence predicts a lot about an employee’s job performance. Such a team of employees keeps your company on the cutting edge. They can maintain strong customer relationships, by using superb marketing skills and introducing new technologies. That’s why any manager would love to have such employees in his team.

A team member who lacks intelligence can prove to be a burden. A manager has to spend time on micro-managing, proofing his work, and most of all dealing with heightened stress levels. Now you know why intelligence is a quality of productive employees.

6. Proactive

Managers divide employees into two kinds-proactive and reactive. The reactive employees wait until they are asked to complete a task. On the other hand, proactive employees take initiative on their own so their company can gain more. This is why proactive workers are often termed as “rock stars” by managers. They do what they think is necessary without expecting a request from the higher authorities. They just think ahead and implement the ideas. You don’t need an explanation which one is better, do you?

Of course, some of their action may lead to failure but corporation like this approach. Failures are the stepping stone for success, remember? After all, action-oriented employees are the ones who are going to get business for the organization. Being proactive is a productive sign and managers favor such workers.

7. Good Learners

One of the Top 10 Qualities of Highly Productive Employees is that they keep learning. They try to find the answer if they don’t know it. Productive Employees have the “can do” attitude which gives them motivation and drives them to learn new skills. Such workers try to get the necessary training and skills when they lack the ability to perform a task. This type of attitude is appreciated in the corporate culture. It shows that an employee is willing to make progress in order to help his organization. They are often persistent in their approach and don't give up on a task easily.

This quality can be attained by creating a will to learn new things. After all, it is you who are gaining new skills so why should you hesitate to learn? Isn’t it a win-win situation?

8. Reliable

How irritating do you feel when you told someone and he or she doesn’t follow the instructions well? Such is the case with a non-productive employee. It tells that a candidate is either doesn’t listen to instructions attentively or he is not as serious as he should be. Either way, the company doesn’t get the required result. Managers like employees who take their responsibilities seriously plus are capable of shouldering extra duties. They know an employee is productive when he gets the job done by any means necessary.

Reliable also means keeping the deadlines and showing up for work on time every day. A productive employee informs the concerned authorities when he cannot make it. Yes, he does! And management loves to hear the outcomes regardless of the end result. This is what ‘being reliable’ means. Visit CV Sarkar for finding reliable Jobs in Pakistan.

9. Ambitious

Ambitious employees are the most productive ones as they don’t hesitate to put their best. These are the employees who are ready to go the extra mile to get the job done. They go beyond their limits to either make their way up the corporate ladder or to achieve company goals. Such employees have a strong desire to progress in their career. They are the enthusiastic ones who carry ambition which then triggers creative ideas and openness. Their go-getter attitude is good for the organization as they are eager to complete tasks and get rewards. Hence, ambition is among the Qualities of Highly Productive Employees.

However, along with ambition, candidates should have a sensible amount of emotional intelligence too. This is so that he can be a team player. It is not good if an employee alienates his co-workers by following his ambition.

10. Detail-oriented

When you are working for big corporations, it is necessary to pay attention to the details. Put in the extra energy for minor details. Even the smallest of mistakes could turn into major concerns if not taken care of properly. Highly productive employees keep an eye on these issues. They focus on the small problems that many others don’t care to notice. That is the reason why companies like Productive Employees who are detail oriented. And why shouldn’t they? It is a habit that can save/cost corporations millions.

Hope you’ll try to adapt these Top 10 Qualities of Highly Productive Employees. These qualities can get you promoted within months. Companies are always in search of exceptional and proficient employees with interpersonal skills for Jobs in Lahore. Hence, no company will deny the importance and qualities that you possess. In case you want to groom yourself, read our article on 7 Tips to Make Your Employer Your Fan.


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