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Top 10 Lies Told by Job Candidates

Posted By: Admin May 31 - 2 years ago
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When conducting an interview for Jobs in Pakistan one must be wary of lies told by the candidates. These lies are just a concoction that is brewed in order to appear appealing to the employer. But these lies are easy to point and do not benefit much when it comes to face to face interview sessions. The only time these lies are overlooked is when the employer slacks off during the selection process and fails to recognize that some information was forged into the resume and the candidate has no such aptitude or ability. Some of the common lies told by candidates are.

Lie #1: Skills

Candidates have a tendency of mentioning numerous skills in their resume, many of which they do not possess. This practice is common as it can be brushed out as just a happy mistake, as the candidate assumes his competency with skill is far greater than it actually appears to be. Skills such as hardworking, good communication, team management, and leadership are the most exploited when it comes to resumes. As candidates with the worst communication or writing skills would also display them to be of higher competency. Apart from this pro-efficiency in tools like MS Word and MS Excel can also be overestimated by the candidates as they judge their casual use of this tool to be the equivalent of the market's perception. But candidates fail to realize that the market has its own standard of weighing these skills. The market is much more brutal than candidates take it to be as it likes to push the capabilities of the candidates to the maximum. Many candidates cannot take the pressure and also lose trust in their abilities making this lie to be more damaging to the candidate itself rather than the company.

Lie#2: Previous Income

Previous income is another in terms of lies told by the candidates. This happens as the candidates with prior experience display his previous income to be more than its actuality. Candidates earning only 20,000 would write their previous salary to be 30,000 or above to show that their skill is highly sought after while it may be further from the truth. This is done to raise the value of the candidate and cheat the employer in paying more salary in order to compete with the market. This, in the long run, hurts the company as they end up employing mediocre candidates for huge amounts. The company buys a bunch of duds and soon after faces dire consequences as the work doesn’t get done and plies start to form. A company's main objective is to find appropriate candidates at a fair price which can be presented with incentives to boost performance. This completely fails when the company buys an incompetent individual for high price and then further tries to improve his performance by offering an incentive.

Lie #3: Area of Expertise

Education can equip a person with expertise in specific fields which can be useful in their future. But many candidates lie about their area of expertise in order to appear eligible for the position they normally would not be considered for. This not only robs other eligible candidates of their rightful chance but also damages the employer as the false candidates are not able to perform their duties with competence. This lie is often the result of misconception by the candidate as they think that having been educated in one field gives them mastery over the other. For example, an engineer has his competency divided over a range of fields from mechanical, to electrical, and even biological but more often than most many would fancy themselves to be master of more than one field. A mechanical engineer with some knowledge of electrical might judge himself to be adequately competent in the field of electric even when he is not.   

Lie#4: About Self

Most often most candidates lie when they are asked about their own selves. As we all wish to appear perfect into the eyes of others and this makes many candidates write obnoxious things about them that cannot be further from the truth. This is archived in the form of lies and fabrication which makes the candidate appear sensible and hardworking. The employer thinks that they have found a gem but soon comes to realize that they cannot be more wrong.  As such candidates are only good at faking things and have no real value. They are not hardworking, reliable, cannot manage stress, and soon succumb under pressure. This is one of the reasons Employers like to ask personal questions instead of technical ones in order to root out fabricators who may be the worst fit for the job.  

Lie #5: Work Experience

One of the most common lies told by the candidates is about their work experience as it is easy to fabricate and many employers certainly do not have the time and manpower to authenticate it. Employers already invest a lot of time in conducting interviews, which elongates the selection process up to a week in order to reach the desirable candidates. But among these candidates there reside a number of individuals that have forged their experience or just exaggerated it.  Work experience is not always falsified but sometimes it can be exaggerated in order to appear more than its worth. Candidates with a few months of experience can exaggerate it to appear up to years. These exaggerations are hard to notice as the candidate appears to have sensible knowledge of the skill. But in the long run, these shortcomings are clearly seen; as such candidates fail to answer the need of the job and fail to manage their duties. But since exaggerations are hard to detect, at first sight, this makes them the ideal partner to crime.  

Lie #6: Educational Background

Educational background is not an easy thing to lie about as it can be authenticated by checking educational documents. But it too has a window to facilitate lies which occurs with the help of fake degrees or certificates, which can be purchased on the black market. Fake certificates are topmost faked documents as they add to the value of the candidate and are easier to acquire than full-fledged degrees. Small time employers are often the target of these fake document holders as they are mostly unable to identify real from fake. Just lies hinder the candidate's way of getting Latest Jobs in Pakistan.

Lie #7: Age

Some jobs are restricted by age in order to facilitate a specific group of the society, but immoral candidates in order to reap the benefits of such jobs present fake birth certificates to appear eligible for the jobs. This practice is quite common when it comes to government jobs, as in such jobs the years of service can be extended and retirement can be delayed if the candidates mention their age to be less than it is. This also increases their pension and other benefits as they can easily put more years into service. This might appear to be a minor flaw but it can cheat the employer out of millions in terms of retirement benefits. The real evil of such an act lies in the fact that candidates occupy a position longer than usual, and due to this many eligible candidates would not get a chance to sit at such positions. Many candidates would also become overage by the time these exploitative individuals retire.

Lie#8: Name of the Institution

Some institutions offer programs to other colleges that are affiliated with them. This offers up a chance for the candidates to use the name of that prestigious university instead of their own. Although this lie can be justified under the fact that the degree was awarded by the university but the harm lies into the fact that the facilities and expertise of the educational staff may differ greatly between the two universities, and also this may not be fair to the students. Prestigious universities have strict criteria making the students work harder to archive good grades whereas other affiliated universities are easier to get into and have loose criteria for marking. By misusing the name of other universities candidates are robbing individuals of their rightful place, making all of their hard work counts for nothing.

Lie#9: False Biographical information

Lies told by the candidates in order to get New Jobs in Pakistan also include false biographical information, which may range from ethnicity to residence, and contact information. This practice is often displayed by candidates that have a history of ill conduct, and who wish to keep their personal information out of the reach of others. By falsifying information they can blend right into their work environment and can be seen as trustworthy and reliable until the time they actually cause serious damage to the company.

Lie #10: Fake References

References are an important part of the resume, as they show an endorsement of different people and companies that have placed their trust in you. Thus many candidates forge these references in order to look more appealing and endorsed. References are like a letter of honorable discharge that an employer gives to their employee. This is like proof that the individual was a hardworking and model employee and the company wishes them good luck for the future. As this serves as a sign of trust between employee and employer, by faking these references the candidate not only harms the company but the person mentioned in the references as well. If any ill conduct is displayed by the candidate the company contacts the person the referenced him forward. This can greatly damage the image of the exploited company and it may lose its respect in front of others. View Latest Jobs in Lahore at CV Sarkar Jobs Portal.


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