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7 Tips to Make Your Employer Your Fan

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Connection with your employer is the most vital relationship. In fact, it is the best relationship or association that you can have at your job. Think of the benefits that you will get when your employer will be your fan. The employer can go beyond to help you take on leadership roles, learn skills, and a promotion or salary raise. What’s more, you ask? It affects your productivity and mood. That is why you need our 7 Tips to Make Your Employer Your Fan.

The Muse, an online career platform, reported some astonishing facts in their study. The report showed that employees believe a better association with their employer will affect their personal and job life. Around 60 percent of the respondents said that they would be more productive in the office. While 70 percent were of the view that they’d be happier, too. Surprising isn’t it?

But how do you can Make Your Employer Your Fan? The thing is that every office and every employer is of a different nature. However, you must remember the basic fundamental rule of workplace i.e. you are there to make your employer successful. Hence, the finest way is to ensure an employer that you are doing great work. In case you really want to impress and trying to be the best team member, here are some bits of advice for you. These are the 7 Tips to Make Your Employer Your Fan to get in the good book. Apply these tips and Make Your Employer Your Fan.

1. Make Things Easy for Your Employer

The prime tip that is an essential one is to make things easy for your employer. Discover what your employer doesn’t like and try to void those habits. For example, most of them don’t like to repeat a task. It is better to understand tasks the first time. Ask questions if you have to and then, get the job done. Understand how he or she fundamentally operates so that you can make it easier for him or her.

Discover what your employer values the most, what he requires from you, and how you should deliver it. Figure out the way he prefers to have work updates. Employers appreciate an employee who knows their preferences and delivers it in a good way.

Does your employer like to have updates delivered verbally or in written form? Which one he like, Spreadsheets or PowerPoint slides? Does he like info conveyed on a voicemail, during a meeting, or via email?

2. Adapt the Similar Communication Style and Get Connected

Get constant feedback from your employer to show good performance. Therefore, a structured and ongoing channel of communication is very important. This way you can know the expectations on particular issues and projects. Then you should constantly these tasks related expectations. Also, it’s your responsibility to let your boss know about your progress. The best way to do it is through daily or weekly progress reports. Getting connected is the best way to find & retain your dream Jobs in Pakistan.

Discover the way of communicating your employer likes to use. Does he prefer face to face conversation or uses other means such as email or slack? Observe how often he uses it because it matters a lot. However, you should not be in touch for more than two or three times a day. Employers like when you ask for confirmation but they hate to tell workers how to do their job.

3. Know the Priorities of Your Employer

Every employee is supporting the employer to achieve his goals. Most of the time workers forget this and they remain busy in meeting the deadlines by working blindly. Make it your objective to remember his/her priorities in order to Make Your Employer Your Fan. Understand the projects, numbers, and goals that are on your employer’s priority list. Once you know the priorities, you can deliver results that can support his success. These priorities or goals can be asked during a discussion. Just ask in a way that makes him realize that you are actually interested to help him and the company succeed.

By knowing the Priorities of Your Employer, you can know exactly what the future goals are. Thus, you can meet them in advance by keeping your work in line with those. Your employer will see you as a like-minded person and you would be like his spitting image. You will be the apple of his eye.

4. Pay Attention to the Details

Attention to the details is essential as it helps to avoid mistakes. The most important among our 7 Tips to Make Your Employer Your Fan. Why? It saves you and the company from unnecessary worries. Sometimes workers usually neglect small technical errors and later these can be the reason to create a major issue. Small mistakes can hurt a lot of clients and can stop progress for a brief period of time. In such times, a worker who can be trusted to catch such small errors really stand out among the rest.

So, if you are a person who pays attention to the small stuff, you can get noticed easily. Plus, this quality can make you look more organized. The best way to do it is by writing down the necessary details. Whether you are in a meeting or having a one to one discussion, writing down guidelines will help you to remember. CV Sarakar provides you all the job details necessary to succeed in a job interview.

5. Keep Your Employer Informed

An employer is always interested in all the projects and tasks that are going on. That is why they want to be well informed about the work and progress of the employees. They need to know about any potential problem that may exist. If such a situation arises, you should inform the employer or the concerned manager immediately. This not only makes you look a responsible employee but also keeps you safe from any worries. Imagine the employer is sitting in the office, thinking that things are going according to the plan but these are not. How the situation will turn out? So don’t hide a problem to avoid blame for your incompetence. 

Hiding an issue or a minor detail can have a major effect on the company’s progress. Keeping your employer informed about all the progress and issues is the best option. This way you can have a positive relationship with him. On the contrary, you may get the chance to work on the issue together. Wouldn’t it be a golden opportunity to show your skills?

6. Be Ready With Solutions and Speak Up

Employers prefer workers who possess interpersonal skills. If you have Problem-solving skills, you can quickly become a part of “the Boss Team”. Good Employers look forward towards their team to know their perspectives. They don’t like the workers who just stand there and listen. Join the conversation to play your role in the team. To Make Your Employer Your Fan, never hide your opinions about a problem or idea. Don't be afraid to pitch an idea just for the sake of looking stupid. Everyone has good ones, and bad ones as well. But the benefit is you’ll stand out among others. Employer will be looking for you whenever they need another brain to think.

Entrepreneurs and employers like to ask employees about updates and issues. Most of the workers are eager to point out issues however, they fail to provide a way out. This may affect your image as a good employee. It is unwise to highlight a problem but leave it hanging there without a solution. You should come up with possible solutions.

7. Always Reach Office On Time

Get to work early is one of the 7 Tips to Make Your Employer Your Fan. Reaching office on time represents your strong work ethic because you’ll be at your desk, before everyone else. The employer will see you as a person who is committed and hard working. It is a common perception that those who reach at work early are often perceived as hardworking. Such persons also get higher performance than other employees. Moreover, getting late and staying late mentality does not help to improve your image. Latecomers are assumed to be the employees who are less interested in work and are less effective.

However, there is one thing that can save if you often get to work late. It’s also your employer. If he or she is a night owl, chances are they won’t see you as a liability or less effective employee. Then you can avail the opportunity to make minor changes in your office timings. You can ask the HR manager to shift your office timing from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. instead of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to handle this issue. If you looking for retaining good Jobs in Lahore, then you should be very puntual & cautious regardaing office timings.

Remember! Try not to shift pressure and stress towards your employer. When you aim to make him more successful, you can grow as a professional, as an individual performer, and as a part of the team. Another reward is that your employer will likely become your mentor in many aspects of life. He can offer you a rapid promotion and for that read CV Sarkar’s 5 Tips for Getting a Salary Rise in Next 3 Months or Less! Plus, you will have many more career opportunities within your reach. You can always get benefit from his networking.


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