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5 Tips for Getting a Salary Rise in Next 3 Months or Less

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It is natural to want a decent pay rise, especially when an employee works hard and go above the job description. Your salary is an indication of your value to the company. That’s why a lower salary can have a negative impact on your confidence by making you feel under-appreciated. So, don’t be afraid to raise the issue if you believe that you are worthy of a pay rise. Particularly, if your probation period is ending or in case you have not had a raise for more than a year. Our article on 5 Tips for Getting a Salary Rise in Next 3 Months or Less can help you in this regard.

Employees often complain that they are getting less than they deserve. However, they don’t step up or do anything to get a raise in salaries. Getting a salary rise requires you to approach your manager by preparing a business case. Re-reading your performance charts can help you in this matter & for finding more lucrative Jobs in Pakistan. Focus on the things you have done wonderfully and count your achievements. This way you can know that you have a positive track that you can show if your work abilities come under questions.

How Should You Ask for a Salary Rise?

You must work out on the way how you will start the conversation to get a salary rise. Carefully choose the words that you will use during the conversation. It is usually the first few starting sentences that are difficult to convey, practice them well. This way you’ll have the confidence to present your case well. Don’t be afraid as there is nothing to lose, so deal like a professional. You still get the benefit even if your request is not approved by the authorities. At least you have reminded that you are a high achiever who deserves a raise. Now you can ask them to review your salary again in coming months.

Salary raise depends on whether you are working in the private or public sector. Employees working in the private sector get a rise completely depends on the performance. So, if you are a high achiever or start performer in your company, you may get a high reward.

How You Can Find Out If You Are Underpaid?

It is necessary that your colleagues that are working on a similar level earn. Also, find out what the salary that persons working on a designation like you are getting from similar size companies. This way you have a better idea about your right salary package before your discussion with the boss. You can argue with facts that your current salary is not in-line with the market rates. Your first step should be to look at salary surveys that recruitment agencies carry out. You can also check what people on similar roles are being offered by visiting job portals like CV Sarkar. You can check out relevant industry-specific jobs and the salaries that companies are offering. You can also visit CV Sarkar for finding this information as it is Pakistan's best online jobs portal.

So, do you ask for the same salary package? No! And there is a solid reason behind it. You must take some factors into consideration before comparing similar job roles. Similar job titles like you may carry diverse seniority levels at companies. Salary may differ on the basis of experience, working hours, and areas. Another way to look at it is to check what your firm would pay for a similar role now according to the market situations.

5 Tips for Getting a Salary Rise in Next 3 Months or Less!

You have to play your cards right if you want a salary raise. We have some tips for you that can put you in a better position while negotiating for Jobs in Lahore. These are small details but most of the time people choose to neglect these factors.

  1. Have a Realistic Figure in Mind

As mentioned before, your ideal salary rise must be a realistic figure. Think what the actual market salary is, instead of a made up amount. Suppose you started the conversation that goes really well but your unrealistic demand can ruin your chances. Never ask for a rise that the company can’t offer. No organization can increase an employee’s salary gigantically. You will be disappointed after asking for a twofold rise. So, give it a serious thought before you put your demand on the table.

In case the company offers you a smaller pay rise than you were hoping, try to get maximum out of it. You can compromise by asking for another revision on your salary after a few months. Ask them about a bonus based on your performance to enhance your earnings. If nothing, ask for professional training courses to polish your skills and enhance knowledge.

2. Build Your Case with Performance Data

Performance charts are the best way to express that you deserve a raise. Nothing can back your point more than your performance. In fact, the more projects and results you can gather as evidence, the better. This way you can back-up your proposed pay rise in an efficient way. Your manager will have to present your case to more senior members and that will be a good sign for you. How? It’s the behavior of senior members, they tend to like numbers and performance. Hence, you may get what you are trying for.

For example, you can prove with the data that you are achieving your goals consistently. Then show the stats that you have brought in revenue for the company by using your skills. Also, display the improvements that you have made within the company. Present the improvements in ways that in return saved money, time, and efforts of the organization. This way you can make a brilliant case for your pay rise.

3. Ask in the right way

You deserve a raise in your paycheck but asking for it in the right way is an art. If you are a professional who has worked in a company before, you already know how to do your work. However, in case you are new this, you must follow some guidelines. You need to present your case as a professional who knows his worth.

First of all, keep it professional at all times during the discussion. Avoid demanding too much without backbiting your colleagues. Managers don’t like a worker who is not a team player. On the other hand, you may get what you went for but lose the support of your co-workers. So, never speak negatively of anyone else within the organization.

Put your case reasonably and represent it clearly with a calmer tone. Don’t compare your achievement with others to undermine their values. Instead, say how you have been working and achieved what has benefited the company.

Another prospect is if you have asked for a raise some months ago but your boss said to revisit the issue in coming months. You should ask him after some months. In case you were promised to review your salary based on available funding or performance goals.

4. Timing is everything

Right timing is among the most important Tips for Getting a Salary Rise. Give it some time to think wisely about when to ask for a pay rise. Never ask for it publicly in the office as it may put your manager in an embarrassing situation. You must follow some basic rules.

Pick your moment wisely and discuss it at the right time. Your best window of opportunity for asking a raise might be after a significant achievement. Such as after organizing a successful event, closing a significant deal, or landing a big client. These are the moment when employer and companies are most willing to reward hardworking employees.

Secondly, don’t go for a raise again and again. Standard is that you shouldn't ask for a raise more than once a year. However, there are some exceptions to this rule that you should know of. For example, if you didn’t get a promotion but were promised of a raise after a few months.

Thirdly, review your own case with your manager’s point of view. In case you are behind your targets or reaching late at the office, this isn’t a good time. Also, if you are in the doghouse with the management or manager, don’t go for a raise. It is better that you postpone it until a later date. Always have such a conversation when you are on good terms with the management.

5. Be prepared for A Rejection

We hope you will get your desired outcome if you have prepared your case well. However, sometimes managers think that it might not be the right time. Just like you, they have their own ideas to manage salaries. There might be some other problems that you don’t know of.

For example, maybe the organization isn’t in the best financial position. Review timing might be another issue. Some employers only review wages at the end of the financial year. You should be prepared for it mentally.

In case you don’t get a raise, accept it graciously and don’t get mad. Play your cards rightly and ask when they will next be looking to review salaries. Of course, there will always be some other factors involved every time you will go for a raise. Nonetheless, the above-mentioned tips can put you in the best position while having a conversion.

Just follow our 5 Tips for Getting a Salary Rise in Next 3 Months or Less. These will put you in the best possible position for a salary raise. For more guidance, you can read our take on Top 10 Qualities of Highly Productive Employees.

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