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10 Quick Tips for Finding Perfect Jobs in Pakistan

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Job market gets affected directly when there are ups and downs in the national economy. Unfortunately, Pakistan is going through a severe economic instability right now. If you are a fresh graduate our 10 Quick Tips for finding perfect Jobs in Pakistan can help you out well. It’s a tough nut to crack but with guidance, one can land on the perfect dream job. All you have to do is follow some basic yet necessary tips that we are sharing here.

Most of our youth don’t know anything about finding perfect Jobs in Pakistan. It is a hectic process, in fact, a job itself. Just like any other activity, there are a few basic rules. And if you follow these regulations sensibly, you may start your career in weeks. A common practice among fresh graduates is that they go through newspaper ads on a daily basis. It looks a good way to start your job hunt but takes too much time. On the other hand, there are many Online Job providing portals like CV Sarkar but even then it’s not that much easy. Following some basic steps is crucial.

Hunting a job that matches exactly with your skills is a tough search. But if done correctly, you can start your career on an ideal track. Here are our 10 Quick Tips for finding perfect Jobs in Karachi.

1.         How to Search Jobs in Pakistan

The start is a very important step as it points towards a direction. It doesn’t matter whether you have some experience or not, you’ll have two options available. Mostly candidates go with the first option. They pursue a career as per their educational background. For example, a candidate with a bachelor or masters in sciences will definitely go after big companies. Such candidates look either for scientific work or get attached to the education sector. Likewise, a commerce candidate would like to become a professional accountant. These people can find jobs easily as they have a background with specific qualifications and skill set. Companies love to hire employees with experience on their back or exceptional academic background.

Then there is the second option, for those who want to change their field. For example, an IT graduate who wants to be a writer or a model. It’s a tricky path because finding a career in these fields with an IT background is difficult. It requires efforts as you have to develop a portfolio first. Learn some skills that are necessary. However, with little effort and complete dedication, you can find your ideal job.

2.         Setting Up Your Resume

The basic rule for setting up your resume is that it has to be specific. Adjust your CV whenever you are applying for a new job. Setting up your CV can help you stand out easily. Change the vocabulary, skills, and job roles according to the required vacancy. Companies now don’t hire candidates based on educational background, they require skills. This means that they look for a person with the matching criteria. The job description is the biggest clue here. Read it carefully and think about how you can make yourself look at a suitable choice. Enlist the required qualities and then modify your resume accordingly.

The most common mistake is having a single CV for every job opportunity. This is not a good practice at all. It minimizes your chances to get hired. Customize the resume for the job you are applying to. Let’s say if you are applying in five companies, each requires a different candidate. Therefore, you must amend your application by presenting your skills in different ways. Although you cannot change your qualifications, however, you can add experience that is most relevant. You can shape your CV with your objectives or personal statement as well.

3.         Include Every Skill and Software

The trend of having a general CV has changed. Now companies love to have an employee on board with a wide skill set. So, if you are good at something to write it in your resume. In case you are a remarkable trainer or can write proposals, mention it under skills. Such qualities can enhance your chances of getting hired.

Also, enlist every computer tool and software program that you know. Companies are always interested in people who have a skill that might come in handy. It doesn’t matter whether its adobe illustrator or technical statistics software. You have something extra that may grab their attention.

4.         Use Social media for Job Hunting

Social media has become an amazing tool to find jobs. You can use sites like LinkedIn or Facebook to search for jobs. Go a step ahead and look at companies’ profiles. Uncover what projects are they doing and what type of employees they might need.

You can contact their support team and Send your CV directly. Companies looking for suitable candidates usually give their feedback within hours. This is rather new but surprisingly convincing tactic. That’s why we consider it among 10 Quick Tips for finding perfect Jobs in Lahore. Even if they don’t hire you, your resume will be there for future hiring.

5.         Focus on Your Network

Job hunting is where your network can come in handy. Use your contacts well. Let your friends and family know that you are looking for a job or a better opportunity. You can even use social media for this quest. Use your friend circle and they will tag you whenever a suitable job comes along.

Don’t make it a secret mission. Let your friends know by a funny post about your intentions. You should take advantage of a bigger fiend circle. After all, “two heads are better than one” when you are searching.

6.         Follow Big Companies That You Are Interested In

It is highly recommended that you must follow all the big companies related to your field. Visit their websites regularly, follow them on social media, and get engaged. If they post a question or contest, be a part of it. This way you will get to know a company better. You can also test their products or read reviews of their target consumers. An insight into the company’s profile can be helpful during the interview. It will also help you while preparing your CV because you will know what the company needs.

7.         Do Some Background Search

Most of the time candidates apply on a vacancy without having prior knowledge about it. A background search for the company can be helpful for you. If a company posts a job, it means that he is trying to change itself. Hence, they need an employee with different skills as compared to the previous ones. Uncover the gaps that company is having right now and prepare yourself accordingly.

Major companies always appreciate candidates who show interest in them. Plus, if you have a skill that can cover this gap you will definitely have a leading edge. This one or two hour search can get your dream job for yourself. So, Do Some Background Search and discover what new skills and abilities they need. You can become an asset by pointing out market gaps.

8.         Make Your CV More Creative

Concept of CVs has changed vigorously. If you have a skill, use it to make your resume creative. Present your qualifications and accomplishment in a unique way. For example, if you are a designer, make your CV an artwork. Likewise, a writer can put out skills on paper by using phrases, catchy lines, and industry words.

You only got a single page to sum up the whole of you? Make it count. By doing something different, you will stand out from other candidates. Hiring staff and managers love a resume that portrays a person in a creative way.

9.         Demonstrate Your Work

Candidates often fill their CVs with experience. However, all they have is just words to add. Companies get thousands of CVs and all are filled with such long lists. Managers don’t like a CV which lacks a project detail or name. If you have done something incredible, portray it well.

Add some data and outcomes to Demonstrate Your Work. If it is online, give the link to make it authentic. This way they will know that the work you have done is reliable. This is one of 10 Quick Tips for finding perfect Jobs in Pakistan. Mention all the projects no matter how small it was. Your CV will be on the top If you have links and data to back it.

10.       Dedicate All Your Efforts

If you are searching for jobs in Islamabad and laying around, you are doing it wrong! Job Search is full-time work. Do it like you are working on a project or your dream job. Put all your passion and energy into it. Dedicate all your efforts to get hired.

Search on online job portals, register yourself with job providing websites such as “CV Sarkar”. Mention all the skills that you have either technical or soft. Use your social network and every tool that is at your disposal. Most importantly, use your brain to explore every opportunity.


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