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10 Important Tips to Read Before going on a Job Interview

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You have received an interview call, Congratulations! Hope you have started preparing your interview to land on the dream job. If you haven’t then you should prepare for winning the best Jobs in Pakistan. It is all about leaving a good impression. You wouldn’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. It’s the demand of the current job market as well. Everyone is preparing to the best of his ability otherwise it is hard to compete. Even the most experienced and professional job seekers prepare themselves for their interviews. Now you would be wondering why? Well, it’s the requirement of the market. You have to be prepared to the best of your abilities. Even the most competent and smartest candidates prepare for their interviews.

Nobody can predict what his or her interview holds. So, it’s reasonable that you get your act together otherwise you may not stand a chance against others. Don’t worry much, we have got you covered. These will help you get ready to present your skills in a positive way. You can learn to answer and convince the recruiter that you are the candidate they are looking for.

We have written 10 Important Tips to Follow Before going on a Job Interview. By following these, you can feel easy and less anxious. You will be ready for a detailed discussion with the hiring manager on every point. You must check these 10 simple and basic points before going for an important interview.

1. Do your Research

These days everybody is advising to do research on the company before an interview. But what exactly does it mean and how you can do it? If you ask us, that’s not a difficult task and it can get you hired. After doing your research, you can understand the company's needs. And the more knowledge you have about it and what it stands for, the better chance you will have to get the job. As a candidate, you’ll have an edge over your competitors. You will be able to address and answer the question as per the company’s needs. Also, you can point out your skills and expertise that can help the company grow.

Now that you have understood why research on the company is important. Let’s talk about how to do it properly. It involves learning about the company’s objectives and goals. Visit their website and social media pages. Learn which services they are providing, what are their products, and customers. Furthermore, know their competition and needs to have a better understanding. Companies love such candidates who know what their objectives are. Then they will be asking you about their needs and possible solutions which you already have prepared. Surely, we don’t have to ask them when discussion follows this pattern.

2. Appropriate Dress for The Interview

It is very important to dress well in an interview. This way you will be presenting a well-groomed look of yourself. Remember that you have to be the best possible image of yourself as you are marketing yourself. You don’t have to buy a new dress but companies also don’t like the casual dressing. A casual dress sends an irresponsible image of yourself to the hiring manager. Most of the job seekers in Pakistan are of views that personality image doesn’t matter. Well, it matters a lot. It’s true that companies are looking for a professional with remarkable expertise. However, they also like good dressing.

So, why does dressing matters that match? First, it represents how serious you are for the job. Second, we all know that ‘the first impression is the last impression’. No job seeker can afford a bad impression. Third, your dress shows your attentiveness to details. It gives an impression to the hiring manager how much interested you are in the company. Also, don’t neglect the accessories that can shine your personality. Shining shoes, a beautiful tie, and a beautiful watch can present you as a professional.

The research on the company will also help you here. You can find out about the company's culture and dressing code. Don’t forget that your dressing is how you will be perceived. Recruiters have read your CV, now they have seen you in your best. So they often make their mind after having a look at you.

3. Practice Common Interview Questions

Practicing some common interview question before your interview. This way you can prepare your question well. Here are some common starting interview questions that hiring managers often ask.

  1. Asking to introduce yourself
  2. Are you currently employed or looking for work?
  3. Your previous experience if you are a professional
  4. Why you are willing to leave your current job?
  5. How did you hear about the position and what do you know about the organization?

You can prepare answers to these questions and prepare them well in advance. This way not only you can answer like a pro but also it will give you confidence. Thus, you can start on a good note. Plus, good answers will show your dedication to that particular vacancy. The recruiter will know that you have come with full preparation. Specially for Jobs in Lahore, you must be fully prepared for the interview.

4. Use the STAR method for Your Answers

The STAR method is a very useful technique to answer any work-related questions. Especially, you can use it to stand out during interviews. You can relate to a previous situation that was similar to the task in hand now. How you did that and how you can do it now? The Word “STAR” is an abbreviation for 4 different parts in which you can break a question.

S for Situation:  A similar situation that you cope with

T for Target or Task: The role that you have to play

A for Action: How you performed it by using skills?

R for Result: What you achieved?

However, it requires practice and to master this method you have to exercise it again and again. You need the energy to tell your story and it should be relevant to the task in hand. A well-composed answer that must not go over 2 minutes and fully served the purpose. That is to let the recruiter know you have managed such tasks and can handle such jobs in Karachi now with ease.

STAR method depends upon your communication skills. How you can turn a simple question to an opportunity in order to describe your skills. Such as have you worked under pressure or can you manage time? Now, you can answer these questions with a simple “Yes” if you are asked. But don’t waste the opportunity to shine. Let the recruiter know that you have done it well in the past with your own work example. Just make sure that you keep it relevant and don’t break the continuity.

5. Practice with a Friend

Interviews are all about your confidence. It is just a meeting where you have to make others believe that you are the best at what you do. We have seen fresh graduates winning jobs over professionals, all because of their confidence. Practice an interview with your friend can greatly help you. Polish your verbal and non-verbal skills to look more confident during an interview.

The verbal part carries a common question about you and your work. Plus. this part revolves around your work experience. Recruiter wants to confirm whether you have the skills that you have mentioned in your CV or not. Later the recruiter will be asking you about your expected salary. If you have excellent communication skills and are good at negotiation, you will do well. However, you need practice, in case you are not comfortable in such situations. A demo interview with your friend can be helpful. Just go through questions again and again. This way you will know the question patterns. Moreover, you can cover any mistakes that you often do during an interview.

The non-verbal communication is totally about showing confidence. It’s about how you make eye contact, do a handshake, or sit. Being an expert in your field you can handle the difficult question with ease but the interview will start from non-verbal communication. These impressions can prove to be a good beginning or a quick end. You should focus on your non-verbal side as well. Of course, practice and social gatherings are the best way to improve it.

6. Reading the Job Description Again

Most of the candidates don’t bother to read the job description after applying at a job. This is a common practice. Nonetheless, it plays an essential role while preparing for the interview. It carries valuable information that can tell you what a company is exactly looking for. Also, you can note the keywords for the expected job role. You can use these words in your interviews. Why? It’s because these are the words that hiring managers will have in their mind. Use of these words can leave the impression that you are the ideal candidate. Get familiar with the keywords and prepare your answers accordingly.

The job description can help you link your previous experiences with the new job. This way the recruiter will consider you as an employee who is already good at the job. What’s better than that?

7. Be prepared for the Interview

An interview is all about preparation. There is a common saying that it requires 80 percent preparation and the execution takes only 20 percent. Hence, there are better chances of getting hired if you go more prepared. We have made a list of things that you should bring along in an interview.

A Folder

A folder makes you look organized during your interviews. It shows that you care about the details, plan in advance, and have an aesthetic nature. Plus, you can put all the documents in one place.

Resume copies

Sometimes hiring managers don’t ask for your resumes. However, it is good to have a few copies with you. You can pass resume copies if there is more than one person interviewing you. These minute details express that you are well prepared. This will leave a good impression during the interview.

A Pen

On the first though, it seems silly but it may come in handy. Suppose you are fully prepared and the recruiter asks you to write or display something on paper. Having a pen will present you as a more prepared person.

References and Experience Letters

Always bring at least 3 references to an interview. These must be from the people who are not related to you and can vouch for your abilities. Also, pick those who can return a phone call from the recruiter. Mention their name, contact, designation in institutes, and relationship to you. Similarly, experience letter from your previous companies is of great importance. These represent your personality as a team member. You must always show such papers. 

Prepare Questions About the Company

In the end, do ask some question from the recruiter. Hiring managers like the candidates who show interest in their organization. You can prepare such question in advance while doing research on the company. You can ask questions about the HR policy and company objectives.

8. Don’t Speak Badly About Previous Employers

One of the most common asked question by the recruiter is “why you want to join our company?” The company wants to hear something good to judge what your career goals are. Don’t answer this question by badmouthing about your previous employer. Speaking bad your current or previous employer will only tell you that you are looking for work in ‘Any Company’. That’s not what the recruiter wants to hear. Does he?

You should prepare this question before the interview. Think a suitable answer that is more focused on your career and connected to the company’s value. When you speak badly about previous employers the hiring manager will start to think about you. The normal assumption will be that if you didn’t like the last place and you’ll feel the same about this one too. Nobody wants to hire an employee with a negative attitude towards things. If the previous employer was really that bad then you better come up with an example of workplace practice. Still, it may not be helpful as the new company may have the same. So, it is better if you come with an answer that you want to learn something new or excel in your career.

9. Familiar Yourself with The New Technology and Norms

In case you are a fresh graduate, there are many things that you have to learn. Companies only hire candidates who are well familiar with market norms. For that purpose, you can join social media pages, social gatherings, or ask a mentor about these norms and values. On the contrary, professionals should also exercise this. If you have been working for a long period, say 5-10 years, an interview can be a difficult task. Hence, you should equip yourself knowledge with the new technologies. This is one of the 10 Important Tips to Follow Before going on a Job Interview.

The best way to familiarize yourself with the new technology and norms is the internet. Go through similar job posts and you’ll have an idea what companies are looking for. In addition to that, this practice will let you know about future technology as well. Now you can not only talk about the running practices but can also have a discussion on upcoming trends.

10. Arrive On Time

Arriving on time for a job interview means a lot. It represents your punctuality. If you are arriving late for a scheduled interview, the recruiter may think you are a lazy person. Also, the hiring manager may make a perception of you. They make think whether or not you will be on time if the company hires you. Companies with strict HR policies about time value punctuality. That’s why we advise you to arrive early for your interview. Arriving 15 minutes early can also save you from some worries like getting lost, heavy traffic, etc. Plus, you can use this extra time to prepare yourself for the interview. Make sure your physical appearance is also good.

Well, that’s our 10 Important Tips to Follow Before going on a Job Interview. The most crucial thing is to appear on time and look confident. Having a perfect resume can also help in this matter and no one is better at this than “CV Sarkar”. You can get 6 Award Winning Resume templets that can look you stand out from others. Also, you can get registered and we will send you regular notifications about new jobs in Islamabad. There is a concept that the more interview exposure a candidate has, the sooner he will find a job. Want to hear something amazing? CV Sarkar can help you get hired with 24 hours. So, don’t wait and register yourself on our Online Job Portal. In case you are worried about the interview question, we have got you covered. You can read our “7 Most Crucial Skills for a Perfect Job Interview” to prepare yourself well.


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