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10 Common Myths about Choosing the Right Career

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Most of the time graduates think they know everything about choosing a career. Are you one of those people? Well, many people believe they do know better. But here’s a jolt, such people often end up with an unsatisfying job. This is not surprising news, you must know a few people in your contact list too. That’s because they were following Myths about Choosing the Right Career. That’s right, sharp people often follow myths after graduation. Most of the time these myths turned out to be wrong.

If you are a job seeker (Fresh or with some experience) lookig for perfect Jobs in Pakistan, you should know that myths don’t work. You have to be reasonable in your approach. Careers and the paths to follow are always evolving along with dreams and aspirations. You must realize that your ideal career choice may no longer exist in the coming decades. We bet you haven’t a plan for that. That is how fast careers change in the market. People change their jobs or careers 5 to 6 times during their work life. Yes, that’s exactly the truth! So, if you are looking for a fulfilling career, you should choose one wisely.

Below are the 10 Common Myths about Choosing the Right Career. But don’t fall prey to these as each one of them is wrong. These are based on wrong thoughts and we are going to tell you why.

1. Choosing a Career is Easy

Frankly, it is not that much easy. Choosing the right career for yourself is not simple. It requires time, serious thoughts and your full attention. The first step should be to learn about yourself. You must know about your personality type, interests, skills, and work-related values. After that, you must gather information about your dream careers that you are thinking to join. This small practice can give you an overview. These are the kind of careers in which you’ll have better opportunities to grow.

You can further divide these into different categories like most in demand, most paying, etc. Taking these steps will allow you to make an informed decision about which occupations are a good fit for you.

2. A Career Counselor Can Guide You Well

If you are wise enough to know that choosing a career requires effort. You’ll give it a serious thought. However, the next most common myth that graduates fall prey to is going to a career counselor. The truth is, it will be money well wasted. A career development specialist or career counselor can’t help you much. He cannot tell you exactly which career is the most suitable one. Counselors also help you learn about yourself by getting information from you. Then they use this information and make an assumption for you. They will put a list of careers in front of you to choose from.

The next step requires your efforts. You’ll do your homework and make a final choice after considering every aspect. Isn’t it a process that you can exercise on your own? Well, then why pay for it?

3. My Major is Going to Define My Career

Pick their Major as per their interest. However, if you are stuck with a boring one, there is no need to stick with it. Graduates often label themselves according to their subjects or majors. But this classification loses relevance once you step off the campus. In the job market subjects of study doesn’t matter much. Major corporations usually emphasis on specific skills than majors. Once you are hired, the companies will give more importance to your work experience that degree. Surely, some organizations do hire only candidates from certain majors. But only when it is crucial for the performance of their job duties. For example, engineering firms will recruit employees with an engineering major.

People usually work in companies or industries that are slightly relevant to their majors. If you are lucky, you may find a related job. However, at the professional level, many people find themselves in much-unrelated jobs.

4. Choosing One from the Best Careers List

You will hear about lists of “Best Careers” or “Hot Careers List”. Every year, especially at the end of your graduation, this myth surrounds fresh graduates. The truth is this these lists are just a forecast which “the Experts” tells in their books and articles. You must look at them to find out if there are some that appeals to you. But never make your decision based on such predictions. Why? It’s because these are based on data and that can change in the coming years. Hence, what is hot now may not offer good jobs are salary packages in the future.

Our advice is that you shouldn’t completely rely on these lists, go with your interest. Or at least look at a list which tells you about the careers that will be in demand in the near future.

5. Choosing a Career Means I Can’t Change It Later

This is one of the 10 Common Myths about Choosing the Right Career. It is completely a false assumption. You don’t have to stick with a career for your whole life. Most people go through multiple careers during their work lives. You can always change career if you are not comfortable with it. It doesn’t matter how many time you change your profession. However, you must not make quick jumps as it looks unprofessional. Companies don’t want to hire a candidate who changes career after every few months. There are Jobs in Lahore for every career which makes it easier to switch career.

6. Changing Career Means You Have to Start Fresh

This is another common myth among fresh graduates and entry-level professionals. They fear that they have to start fresh and their skills will go to waste. This is a complete misconception. You may not use your skills in a similar manner but many can be used in various professions. Don’t worry that your experience will go to waste. Your skills are yours to keep and changing career will have no effect.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you must look at your education and past work history. See what skills match with the career that you desire. Your knowledge, training, and personal skills will always be with you. These things will help you when you will be searching to change your career path.

7. Your Best Friend's Dream Career is Yours Too

This is not only a myth but also a common practice among graduates. They tend to choose careers that their siblings or friends choose. Don’t think that your sibling's dream career will be suitable for you too. You may be thinking that it will be good for you if it is good for her or him. That can be true sometimes, but not all the time. Same goes for your best friend. Even if you have a lot in common between you two, chances are you not relish the same type of work. When you decide to go for such a choice, you should carefully look into it.

Make sure that it is a good career option for you. The best way to decide is by looking at its pros and cons. Match these with your personality, skills, and interests. This way you will know whether the same career is good for you too or not.

8. Luck Will Eventually Take You to the Right Career

This is the most impractical one among 10 Common Myths about Choosing the Right Career. Graduates often leave everything to ‘Luck’. They wait for years by living under this perception. However, it is a good thing to have a plan to get your dream career and reach goals.

You can’t find the ideal career simply by luck. In life, every one of us come across such circumstances that they cannot control. However, people who plan well and take actions are the ones that usually reach their goals. Such individuals have better chances to find the right career than those who just depends upon their luck. To find an ideal career one must have to follow certain steps. Fresh graduates should thoroughly research jobs in Karachi that interest them. Devise a plan to meet your career goals in order to have better long term outcomes.

9. Everything Will Fall Into Place after Choosing a Career

Surely, choosing the right career as per your skills and interest is a great start. But there is a lot more to do for a fresh graduate after that. Don’t follow the myth that everything will fall into place after choosing a career. You still have to develop a career plan after starting an ideal job. It may sound odd but that’s the way it is.

Devising a career action plan helps you achieve your long term career goals. It takes you from taking a career to becoming employed in that particular occupation. You must work on it by keeping in mind your own objectives in life. This involves planning for career jumps from one organization to another or asking for a rightful promotion. Companies care about their objectives, why shouldn’t you care about yours? Most importantly, change your career if it doesn’t look promising. You don’t have to stick with a career that cannot ensure healthy growth.

10. Only Earning a Lot of Money Will Make You Happy

A handsome salary is a reason why most of us consider while choosing a career. We apply for the jobs that come with lucrative salary packages. This is an important factor but you should not make it the only reason while you choose a career. Job satisfaction is more important than your monthly earning. Countless studies have shown that job satisfaction is not linked with earning. People give more importance to the tasks that they do at work. The general perception among professionals is that one must make enough money to pay the bills. Don’t burden yourself with a job just to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle that you want. That’s why you should value satisfaction while looking for a better earning. Nobody wants a hectic job for a few extra bucks.

Now that you know 10 Common Myths about Choosing the Right Career. We hope you will choose your career more wisely. The essential factors to keep in mind is your skills, interests, and personal values. These can help you find a better job according to your needs. You can also find suitable jobs by searching for jobs at CV Sarkar with your skills. Plus, you can get free career advice and 6 Award Winning Resume samples after registration at our Job portal. In case you need interview guidance, you should read “7 Most Crucial Skills for a Perfect Job Interview”. CV Sarkar is Pakistan's premium Job Portal for finding the best Jobs in Islamabad.


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